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Heavy-duty alignment

Our mission at Truck Heavy Tires is to provide accurate diagnostics accompanied by prompt repairs to keep your downtime to a minimum. We achieve this through having up-to-date inspection equipment and the best-trained repair technicians in the business.

We work with HawkEye® XL designed for maximum speed, durability and ease of use for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

At the heart of the Hawkeye XL is a visionary new camera technology, Hunter said, with extra-long range and extra-large lenses, expanded from the industry-leading Hawkeye Elite alignment system.

The aligner features lightweight three-dimensional XL lenses that are highly durable, low-maintenance, and non-electronic. Accurate, high-definition cameras provide extra-long-range view, capture measurements on a single rolling compensation, and display live alignment readings for up to three axles at once.

The extended range delivers expanded results, allowing the XL to easily line up 53-foot trailers. With a moving camera beam and portable cabinet, technicians can perform alignments on the floor or in an elevator, in any bay.

The XL offers optional fully integrated alignment with Hunter's L494HD alignment rack or FIA-compliant turntable kits to streamline processes. Standard self-centering adapters fit wheels from 15 to 28 inches. For even more speed and wheel protection, optional Quick Grips are available in heavy-duty and passenger versions.

According to Hunter, the XL's efficiency, versatility and low maintenance combine to produce more uptime and a lower cost of ownership. Misaligned wheels can have a considerable impact on the cost of commercial vehicle fuel and tire wear.

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