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It is a matter of safety if a tire is repaired properly or not. An improper repair can cost lives. If there is a problem with your truck tires, look for help immediately!
Sometimes a very small object, a piece of glass or a nail, in the tread can cause a serious damage. If you notice that the tire loses air or is punctured, you must immediately go to a professional check.
Our high qualified mechanics will check the tire inside and out after removing it from the rim. Then we will fix it accordingly or replace it.

What does the repair include? We will:
- Remove tire from rim
- Inspect inside and out
- Repair liner to make sure the seal is airtight
- Fill puncture
- Remount and balance tire

 Check your spare to make sure you're ready for next time
Not all the tires can be repaired. That depends on the damage as well as on the type of tire and the recommendations of the tire manufacturer. Our technicians will choose the best solution according to the situation.

If you are experiencing tire problems, our team of professionals will take care of them. We work with most of the tire brands.
Do not hesitate to call us in any case of emergency or even if you need a regular inspection of the tires. We are here for you 24 hours a day and will do everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable on the road.

You are in Atlanta and area and need us! Call us right now and leave the rest to us! Whatever the problem, we will be there to assist and help!

Trust Truckheavytires and be safe!

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